Tango New Year's Eve Ball 2014

Welcome to the annual Tango New Year's Eve to Bielsko -Biala. This year's prom will be held in a beautiful, neo-Renaissance Sala Redutowa Pod Orłem. It is one of the most beautiful ballrooms in Poland! Wooden parquet can accommodate up to 250 people.
Address: 11 Listopada Street 60-62 , Bielsko-Biala, Poland
Photos of the ballroom

Social events

This year, New Year's Eve falls on a Tuesday. In  Bielsko-Biala we start to celebrate on the Saturday 28th of December with the Milonga in "Sala Bankietowa" (Rynek street 4) however, the biggest event, accompanied by fun New Year's Eve, will be on 29/30.12.2013 - Tango Mini Maraton.

Saturday, December 28

On Saturday evening there will be a milonga in "Sala Bankietowa" (Rynek Street 4).
We will start to play at 19:00 and finish at 24:00.

Sunday, December 29 (Tango Mini Maraton)

On Sunday evening at 18:00, we invite you to Tango Mini Maraton all night milonga in a shelter of the top of Szyndzielnia mountain. From the top station of the cable car to the shelter must go on foot. The road very gently climbs to the top. The elevation is small, and certainly does not make anyone any problems. At this time, the line should run until 17:30 . At this hour will begin milonga. We will play to the first morning of the course the cable car, which runs 8:00 hours.

The participants of the Tango Maraton will receive one hot meal (soup, bogracz, stew or dumplings), two bread (sandwiches), coffee and tea (in a thermos) and water - without any restrictions. The whole night will be open bar.
The participants will have two rooms: Ballroom and calm area. In the resting room you will be able to take a nap - on their own foam pad or sleeping bag.

Monday, December 30

In the evening will be milonga in the restaurant Maska (Wita Stwosza Street 10). Will start at 19:00, finish at 24:00.

Tango New Year's Eve Ball 2014

Will start at 20:00. We will play to 5:00 am. Participants will receive a warm meal and drinks. It will be a cold plate.
The menu for the night is below.
In addition - the bar will be open all night.
PlaceSala Redutowa Pod Orłem, 11 Listopada Street 60-62, Bielsko-Biała, Poland


Cheap accomodation in Bielsko-Biała:
  • Hotel SolverDworkowa street 5 (center), price: 80 zł/ single room, 120 zł/double room with bathroom;
  • PTTK, Krasińskiego street 38 (center, food: about 10 minutes), price: from 35 zł/osoba, map;
  • Olimp, Rychlińskiego street 19 (center, food: about 20 minutes), rooms with bathroom, prices: from 50 zł/person, breakfast possible on the spotmap;
  • Pokoje GościnneBarlickiego street 14 (center, food: about 8 minutes), map;
  • Pokoje Gościnne, Południowa street 34 (car: about 10 minutes), rooms with bathroom, prices: from 25 zł/person, map;
  • Pokoje Noclegowe, Jagienki street 25, (car: about 10 minutes), prices: from 30 zł/person, map;
  • Zajazd u Bułgara, Kryształowa street 74, (car: about 10 minutes), prices: from 70 zł/ single room, from 100 zł/ double room, from 130 zł/ triple room, map;
  • Hotel Elektron, Gałczyńskiego street 31, (car: about: 5 minutes), prices: from 20 zł/person, from 50 zł/single room, map;
  • Hotel Beskid, Olszówki street 24, (car: about 10 minutes), prices: 120 zł/ double room, map

If you value convenience more , then we can recommend hotels in the city centerVentusRosaPresident lub Qubus.


Those who quickly make a decision in reward will pay less  This special rate is only valid till the end of November!

Package: Szyndzielnia + New Year's Eve

• Final Aplication: 30th of December 2013 : 280 zł per person (included free on Monday milonga , milonga Saturday costs 15 zł )

Only Szyndzielnia

• Up to 28 December : 80 zł

Only New Year's Eve Ball

• 30 December : 230 zł

Milongas (outside the package)

• Saturday , 28  December: 15 zł

• Monday, 30 December: 10 zł


For participation in these events you can pay by bank transfer, by paypal .

Payment by bank transfer

The appropriate amount should be transferred to the following account:
PL50 1950 0001 2006 0379 7639 0002
Association of Argentine Tango "Tango Buenos Bielsko"
ul. Edward Zajączka 14
43-309 Bielsko-Biala

The content transfer type:
1. the number and type of ticket,
2. return e-mail.
The given e-mail confirmation will be sent to be treated as a ticket admission.

Payment via PayPal

You can also pay using PayPal. Transfer the appropriate amount should be for bbtango@etaniec.org


Information provided by:

• BBTango         
Anna Pietruszewska,
+48 601 461 366,  

• Tango Bielsko
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+48 606 701 608,     

• TangoMocja:   
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